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Username: nadziar

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Username: nadziar Empty Username: nadziar

Post by Admin Chris Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:47 pm

First of all the person posted their first payment proof here

And here is their URL below in case the above thread goes missing

Username: nadziar 44lkh

Then they say this in our Shoutbox (Read from bottom to top)

Username: nadziar B6uk3No

And their ticket once they are banned?

Username: nadziar MkzW6WP

One final screenshot we promise. Look at our red arrow. See that line through their name. It means they got banned on that forum too.

Username: nadziar Emq9GXC

nadziar, dovakhinpl12 or whatever other name you wish to use. Consider yourself named and shamed.
Admin Chris
Admin Chris

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