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Offerwalls Update

Post by Admin Chris on Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:46 am

Dear Members,

We want to make sure your in the loop, so here is the latest changes to some of our offerwalls that we think you should check out!

First of all, it is with a sad heart, that we say goodbye to the Jampp offerwall. Apparently we were notified that as of 31st December 2013, Jampp would no longer be running the offerwall as a service and have shifted their focus onto the mobile platform. However, it seems we missed that memo, it was a unique wall that not a lot of other places had we wish them all the best for the future.

A wall that we think deserves a bit more attention is Wall Ads. We have gone ahead and removed the promotional offer feature which used to appear on every page, so transition is less bothersome. This wall is always extremely up to date and we definitely want to see it crediting more of you on the site.

This next one is perhaps the most exciting of all! BLVD Media have a brand new look, and looks much more like an offerwall. This company have been working hard the past few months to bring these changes and we think their work has paid off! The offers are much easier to browse and we hope that it will bring even more points and offers to all of you.

Super Rewards announced the launch of their new Sub-One Virtual Currency. This is exciting as it means that their wall can bring even more offers to the table than before, especially in the form of videos! Here is an explanation of how this system works, directly from Super Rewards:

Offers that fall into the Sub-One VC Point category will be displayed on our Offer Wall with up to two decimal places of precision. While videos are the most likely offers to leverage this feature, it will work for any type of offers with these lower payouts.

On the Offer Wall, we’ve added a widget that displays a user’s "Pending Credits".

It updates every 10 seconds or on a click. While regular offers are credited immediately, this "accumulator" is important for Sub-One Point offers because we "accumulate" fractional points until we have at least 1 whole point to credit. The displayed points are points that are in our system for this user which have not yet been credited.

They also have a new tasks tab which appears to be running Crowdflower tasks. It will be interesting to see what tasks may come to this wall (Without going into too much detail, it is possible for different tasks to show on other Crowdflower walls, so it might be good to check out)

Finally, we have CPA Grip. Typically this wall has not been showing much in the way of offers for the past few months, therefore we approached them to find out more about this. Sadly we were informed, that due to possible fraudulent activity on offers when we first introduced the wall, that Keep Rewarding's access to offers had been dramatically reduced. Of course we were very sad to hear this and it was not something that we were aware of. Thankfully, after some discussion, CPA Grip have restored access to the majority of their offers, on one condition. They urged us to seriously remind users that fraud will not be tolerated and they will be monitoring this wall very closely. We believe our members to be true and honest, so long as correct and valid information is being used on offers, we should have no problems continuing to provide this wall well into the future.

Phew! That was long so enter the code 'walls' [EXPIRED] for some extra points, you deserve them! That means we currently have two promotional codes running at the same time. Make sure you find the other code if you haven't already.* [EXPIRED]

P.S You know how Swagbucks recently announced that they now have the Revenue Universe offerwall. We had it months before they did AND our rates are better! Don't believe us? Check for yourself and then tell all your friends!

Kind Regards,
Keep Rewarding

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